• April 13, 2019

Choosing your wedding shoes

One of the most important details about your wedding day attire, aside from the dress, is your shoes. Now whether you choose to go pretty vintage such as bridal shoes Melbourne, or sleek chic your shoes pull together your entire outfit. Like the saying says, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”… And some new shoes!

Classic Heel

You can’t go wrong with the simple white heel that goes with any wedding theme. The best part about this is that there are so many different styles of white heels on the market. You can choose a simple pump, or a sandal style heel. You can go the safe route and choose a wedge heel or go for the wow factor of a stiletto. One thing not to forget if you are buying a new pair is to break them in prior to the wedding, I would suggest at least a week, if not a month in advance.

Pretty Vintage

We love pretty vintage details for your wedding and if you are signing for this theme, why not have your shoes match. Cute little flats with lacey or floral details work perfectly or you can go for a heel with a vintage frill or art deco inspired design.

A Pop of Colour

When your dress is white and your jewellery is white and the flowers are white, sometimes you just need that small pop of colour. What better way to incorporate your favourite colour than to find that perfect set of heels to add some spice to your day. Some brides choose a daring red, while others go with a shade of blue, but whichever way you choose to go, as long as you coordinate with your colour scheme you should come out on top.

Something Sparkly

Anything that glitters and sparkles is always super fun and special. You can add some sparkly goodness to your wedding outfit with a pair of gold wedges or glittery peep-toe heels.

If you are looking for a simple way to make your day even more special, have your groom write a note to the bride on the bottom of her wedding shoes that she can read right before her walk down the aisle. For further information on how to make your wedding day special contact us.

Roger Evans

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